Sudden cardiac death in the balkan area: beyond what we knnow an directions for the future research

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Organizer: Stefano D’Errico

Location: Trieste, Italy

From: 11/10/2024 To: 11/10/2024


With regional law n. 26 of 30 December 2020, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region wanted to promote the establishment of the Regional Register of Sudden Cardiac Deaths in young people, with the aim of encouraging the study of all those deaths which occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, in subjects aged under 50 years of age, for whom it is not possible to establish a certain cause of death.

The Regional Register of Sudden Cardiac Deaths of Friuli Venezia Giulia was born from the awareness of the importance of tracing the diagnosis of hereditary heart diseases with rigorous scientific methodology which, if determined, would allow the enrollment of relatives in a first-line cardiological screening process. level and, therefore, primary prevention of potentially fatal events.

Three years after its establishment, which consolidated its operational methodology and results, the Regional Coordination Center of the Registry opens up to a multidisciplinary comparison with the countries of the Balkan and Mediterranean areas, with the aim of sharing assessment methodologies and clinical experiences and identify common research perspectives.

The training event is aimed at all health professionals in the region who in various capacities are involved in the creation of the Regional Register of sudden cardiac deaths in young people and, through the patronage of the scientific societies of the countries involved, aims to involve the greatest number of professionals from the Balkan and Mediterranean areas.

The event will open with a lectio magistralis by Prof. Mary Sheppard, a renowned heart pathologist, head of the heart disease center at St George’s Hospital in London and former president of the European Society of Cardiovascular Pathology, co-author of the guidelines for pathologists dedicated to the study of the heart in cases of sudden cardiac death. His speech is dedicated precisely to the theme and importance of the guidelines.

The working day will continue with a succession of three specialist round tables composed of pathologists, cardiogeneticists and cardiologists from Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Turkey who will address the topic of sudden cardiac death from different aspects, the morphological, the diagnostic and the prophylactic through cardiovascular risk stratification strategies, also through modern learning systems linked to artificial intelligence applications.



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