The Association

Name and Aims

The International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) – formerly known as the “International Academy of Legal Medicine and Social Medicine” – was originally founded in 1938 (in Bonn). Its aim is the furthering of scientific progress in the field of Legal Medicine, especially by promoting collaboration and the exchange of information among specialists on an International level, by holding scientific meetings and congresses, by recommending guidelines in the different areas of Legal Medicine, and through Scientific Publications.

The IALM shall aim to collaborate with other Scientific Societies and shall endeavour to provide as required the information and expertise to answer public inquiries related to the discipline of Legal Medicine


IALM is very thankful to all those who wish to contribute data, thereby allowing a better knowledge of IALM’s past history, with relevant information, documents and photographs. If you want to send in some text (in English, French or Spanish), please refer to this email. You may also attach your photo and contacts if you so wish.