Instructions for a membership request

To become a member of IALM, please register by filling and submitting this Application Form.

You will be asked to fill in a form with all of the required information and, once you have completed it, press the submit button. All of the Applications will be evaluated by the IALM Secretary and you should receive a reply shortly after. This reply will include the payment link and your membership will be effective once we receive your payment. You will be receive your codes in order to access the Member Space.

You may designate 2 IALM members as referees for your application or two colleagues from the field of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. Their names, etc. should accompany your application.

You are required to select your type of membership: (1) Full membership and (2) Extraordinary membership to those who do not practice forensic sciences, but who would like to become a member of IALM. Different fees apply for each of the membership choices.

IALM members also have the option of becoming a member of the Forensic Anthropology Society Europe (FASE) section and receiving various extra information from this group.

You can attach your curriculum vitae to the application, if you so wish.

You have questions about becoming a member?

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