53. Krsek Conference in Slovakia

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Organizer: The Slovak Society of Forensic Medicine of the Slovak Medical Association
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
From: 28.05.2023 To: 30.05.2023

Dear Colleagues,
We, forensic professionals in Bratislava, are honoured and pleased to organize and host, on behalf of the Slovak Society of Forensic Medicine, the 53rd Krsek Conference of Forensic Medicine with international participation. The conference will be held in Hotel pod Lipou RESORT, which is located in the recreation area of Harmonia in the foothills of the Small Carpathians, 2 km from the town of Modra., located 30 km from the centre of Bratislava. Our pleasure intensifies by the fact that this Conference will be organized after a three-year break caused by pandemic measures. Meanwhile, we witnessed a new “online” form of organization of congresses and conferences. In our opinion, the “online” form cannot replace personal contact between participants within the professional and social part of the conference.
Our aim is to enable all participants to enjoy the academic and social activities of the Conference in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We hope that with the participation of foreign experts, the Conference will provide an opportunity to exchange new knowledge, new experiences and trends in all areas of forensic practice, including education, training and research, as well as in the field of other forensic sciences.
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in this event. We will do our best for the successful course of the Conference, your well-being and a meaningful time spent during our festive Conference.

We look forward to meeting you!

Yours sincerely,

Jozef Šidlo, and Organizing Committee
Website: http://symma.cz/sudnelekarstvo/
Attached files: Flyer
Contact: a.martinek@symma.cz

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